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Top 8 Questions to Ask Your Concrete Contractor Before Hiring Them

What if a few simple questions could help you find the right concrete contractor?

Finding the right contractor is important for any business construction venture. After all, any mistakes are going to be a terrible eyesore and be very expensive to fix.

How can you know which questions to ask, though? Keep reading to discover our top questions and you’ll find the right concrete contractor in no time!

1. “What’s Your Experience Like?”

How do you determine if something is a good question? It all comes down to which questions tell you the most about the contractor. That’s why you should start by asking about their experience.

This helps give you a broad view of their experience, including how many years they have been in the business. But it also lets you ask very specific questions about previous projects and how they align with your own needs.

Before you talk to the contractor in person, you can always scope out their online reviews. Knowing what these reviews say ahead of time can help you gauge how honest the contractor is.

2. “Are You Properly Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?”

A good contractor may volunteer this information right away. If not, you need to take the time to ask if they are properly licensed, bonded, and insured.

A current license verifies that the contractor can legally work within your state. And it also verifies that they have met the educational and training requirements to be a concrete contractor.

Bonding serves to protect you as a client if the project is not completed on schedule or on budget. This is a good way to make sure you won’t be on the hook for anything if something goes sideways.

Finally, solid liability insurance helps protect your business in the event of any damage. And such insurance also covers the contractors in the event of any onsite injuries.

3. “What Are My Style Options?”

The amount of raw experience a contractor has only tells you so much. That’s why you should ask what kinds of style options they offer to clients.

Such information includes the kinds of colors and materials they work with as well as how much you can customize the final look. This is a particularly solid question to ask if you are performing renovations and want everything to fit within a certain aesthetic.

It’s also good at this point to ask about the durability of the different components. While you’ll want to know about formal warranties or guarantees (more on this later), it’s good to have a less formal conversation about how well different aspects of this project are likely to hold up over the years.

4. “Can I Look Through Your Portfolio?”

At the end of the day, a concrete renovation project is a bit like a work of art. That’s because customers don’t always know how to define art, but they know what they like once they see it!

That’s why it’s important to ask about the contractor’s portfolio. Whether it’s available online or offline, a good portfolio helps you check out the finished projects they have completed over the years.

Such pictures can help you decide whether this person will be a good fit for your own style and project. And the quality of their work will help you evaluate whether they are asking for a fair price.

5. “Do I Get a Warranty or Guarantee?”

There is one particular question that unites all business owners everywhere. “What happens if something goes wrong?”

To answer that question, you’ll need to pose another question. Specifically, you’ll need to ask the contractor about any kind of warranties or guarantees that they offer.

Generally speaking, you will want a warranty that lasts at least a year. If you’re lucky, it might even last two years. This gives you peace of mind that if something goes wrong in the near future, you can get a quick fix without taking your wallet back out.

Remember the golden rule of warranties, though. Whatever the contractor promises, you’ll want to get that in writing!

6. “What Will the Schedule Be?”

One simple question that most customers overlook is one of scheduling. Specifically, you’ll want to ask the contractor about the projected timetable for this particular project.

It’s good to ask this question because you need to know when the contractor can start. If they cannot begin for another month or two, this may influence who you end up hiring.

You’ll also want to know how long the overall project should last. A major project like this may present a significant disruption, and you’ll want to know exactly when it will be over.

7. “Can I Have Some References?”

The contractor’s portfolio may be enough to reassure you of their quality. If not, though, then don’t be afraid to ask for some references.

References are great because they give you a chance to get an unfiltered perspective on a contractor’s quality. Furthermore, you can ask these references questions that you may not be fully comfortable asking the contractor.

Ideally, the contractor will offer references for customers who had similar projects. That way, you’ll be able to get highly-specific and relevant information regarding your own concrete project.

8. “Who All Will Be Working With You?”

Generally speaking, concrete contractors don’t work alone. They usually have a small team that helps bring each project to life.

That’s why it is perfectly fair to ask who all will be working on this project. You deserve a chance to meet each team member and ask them questions before you sign any formal contract.

It can be a relief to know who is in charge of what on this particular project. And asking the question lets you learn a bit more about how organized this contractor and his team are.

Finding the Right Concrete Contractor: The Next Step

Now you know what to ask the concrete contractor. But do you know who you should start questioning right away?

We specialize in concrete construction and concrete to suit all your business needs. To see how we can make your dreams into the real thing, contact us today!

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